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Outstanding! This might be my favourite ever grid. Sequences and the wall combined - yes please! Well done and thanks :)
(8 months ago)

If I didn’t know the form I probably wouldn’t get these but that knowledge makes the resolution attainable and the challenge enjoyable. Got there but the purple line was only by default as I only knew p. Thanks for setting!
(8 months ago)

Well done, I really enjoy these type of grids.
I know what to look for, finding it...well that's another matter 😉
You win 10-4.
More please, thanks for posting.
(8 months ago)

Thank you again for another brilliant grid. These really are the best.
(8 months ago)

that was entertaining, couldn't understand the date one until i saw your explanation, very clever, but I still got confetti
(8 months ago)

I'm still a bit lost on the Mr Poe one. is it just because you put "it" after a P?
(8 months ago)

The grid is generally good, but the singular for god is spanish is Dios not Dio. It is strange that it has the s so I can see how you got it wrong here but it is a mistake in the puzzle.
(8 months ago)

You are correct, Dude, my apologies; I should have used an Italian city since 'Dio' is 'God' in Italian. Thank you for keeping me on my toes.
(7 months, 3 weeks ago)