How can I support the site?

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"I typed the right link but you said I was wrong."

Apologies, all the grids are submitted by users. The submitters type a list of words to accept. Anticipating all the things someone could type is quite a skill and submitters are not always able to. Give yourself a pat on the back anyway – you deserved the points!

One correct solution

A good grid should only have one correct solution with the links that the setter has selected. Note that this doesn't prevent "red-herring" clues that can fall into multiple categories. The important thing is that despite these red-herrings, there is still just one full solution. Something to try to avoid is a situation where two clues can be swapped. For example, if group A is "things that can go on a pizza" and group B is "fruit" then it's fine to have "tomato" in either group. But if you put "tomato" in group A and "pineapple" in group B, then there is another solution equally valid with pineapple in group A and tomato in group B, which makes the grid problematic.

Where can I watch other people play PuzzGrid?

Check out people streaming PuzzGrid on Twitch and on YouTube.

Credit for the concept

This game is based on a round from the BBC gameshow, Only Connect. It exists so that people can create grids and share them for others to enjoy.

Similar games

As well as the original, Only Connect, a game similar to PuzzGrid is offered by the New York Times' Connections game.

Why did the grid I submitted disappear?

Typically when people report this it is because their grid has been rated poorly by users. Grids that receive low ratings are excluded by the default filter that shows "good" grids and above, but the grid will appear when this filter is relaxed. Grid ratings have a degree of randomness to them, so try not to take it too personally.

Why did my grid change difficulty?

Although submitters enter an initial difficulty rating for the grid, after it has been rated a number of times its difficulty is determined by the community ratings.

When is Puzz Grid Battle open?

Puzz Grid Battle is a new feature and is currently available from 6 PM GMT until usage reduces for the evening, generally at 1 - 2 AM GMT. These hours may expand in due course.

Privacy policy

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