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Too tricky for me these ones but managed 2/10 with the Jimmy Stewart line. Admire your skill in hiding things. Even when I knew the line had trouble finding two! Ty.
(8 months ago)

St John
Me too. Had Mary and Wallis and though eh!.. Top quality work WV
(8 months ago)

2/10 for me too. Tricky one. Thanks.
(8 months ago)

That was, indeed, fiendish. Got two groups and it made me work hard to get even that many! Thanks for the challenge!
(8 months ago)

Dude, I love your grids! Keep them coming! :)

I'm very pleased with my score of 7.
(8 months ago)

Couldn't finish it, but it was a clever grid! Sometimes, when you can't get a line, you think it must be a really clever link, and it disappointingly turns out to be just plain silly. These, though, are very good!
(8 months ago)