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Brilliant but too much of a challenge today and didn't get the W&G connection. Thank you!
(1 month ago)

Great! These are fun, and easy to construct if anyone else fancies a bash. Tip from my own failings though - don’t try to make it too tricky as it is hard enough when you’re not the setter.
(1 month ago)

Nice grid. It took me a while to finish one group as I kept not being able to spot the fourth one, but eventually got 10/10
(1 month ago)

Love these grids, solved the wall.
Got all the connections bar the CL SS HV row.
You win 10-7, more please.
Thanks for posting.
(1 month ago)

Very well thought out puzzle. As an American, I had no clue on most of it. But was fun trying to sort it out
(1 month ago)

Fat Skye
Our paying guest!
(1 month ago)