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Devilishly tricky, but managed 7/10, the 1000 group stumped me. Thanks for the grid!
(1 month ago)

Really tough. Only got the K connection.
(1 month ago)

Really? People actually get these? All I could think of is ‘we don’t need another hero’ and K. Nul points, even with the grid resolved.
(1 month ago)

Great grid! Loved the 'another hero' group. :)
(1 month ago)

0/10...Too hard for me! Might have got the K connection in hindsight but was too dejected from the difficulty to really try.
(1 month ago)

barry womble
Very intelligent grid, thanks.
(1 month ago)

Mr Picky
'Education' should be 'No Education' - if you take them literally, not figuratively.
(1 month ago)

Good to see Mr Picky's back in business. Youre right but do have to be so harsh? Other grids too!
(4 weeks, 1 day ago)