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This helicopter set has been used many times and I always disagree with it. All 4 words can relate to Indian as well. Not Indian tribes, just indian. On Only Connect, I think I believe Victoria would have to concede that point.
(2 weeks, 2 days ago)

Came to say the same thing as Cajun re: helicopter names. Also, a pet peeve of mine with these puzzles is having a red herring group that doesn't end up being its own category in the end. It's fine to have the same "obvious" group of more than 4 words, but when they're all spread out among the four groups in the end, it doesn't make it as rewarding as finally weeding out the correct 4 for that "obvious" group.
(2 weeks, 1 day ago)

Re buzzkc's comment: Your pet peeve (of a red herring group) is very much just that. I enjoy trying an obvious group, finding it to be wrong and then having to look for a new angle to solve the grid. It is to the credit of our many contributors that these puzzles are different and appeal in different ways to different people.
(2 weeks, 1 day ago)

Overall I enjoyed it. Re: Cajun's comments on the helicopter. I'm not sure how "cobra" would connect to Native American as cobras are not native to the Americas. So I don't feel that would cross over. Anyway I'm sure we can argue it all day. I enjoyed it. Keep making the puzzles you like making. I have no problem with having a whole fake group either
(2 weeks ago)