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Enjoyed, good ty.
(1 week, 2 days ago)

5/10 0:00
Took up most of my time working out the concept and only spotted two groups, but made a third connection after time. Very clever idea, but not sure how I feel about the clue to the connections actually forming part of the groups. Definitely interesting and an alternative to the usual grids.
(1 week, 2 days ago)

fun! Thank you
(1 week, 2 days ago)

Liked this as it was a bit different. (But had to do it twice to complete it!!)
(1 week, 2 days ago)

Alien DNA
Apologies to those who've played already. I've edited to ennumerate the Con sequence - should make it plainer.
(1 week, 2 days ago)

Mr Picky
One shows as '1. S'. Should this be '1. Sthmrc'?
(1 week ago)

Alien DNA
@Mr Picky - no, it's the cons in descending order of size so S is the largest.
(5 days, 7 hours ago)