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You can't have STATES and expect a more particular answer (unless you made a grid where every answer was a state). To say nothing of the number of other things which can be abbreviated as some element or other (restricting ourselves to this grid, "Black" can be rendered as K, potassium, and five as V, vanadium). Why not include things besides states which can also be abbreviated like so? It'd be a good category, though you might have to be a little specific to avoid making it too hard (e.g. metals or noble gasses, instead of just elements).

The cat is called nyan cat; "pop-tart" cat seems needlessly obscure and a figment of the meme-maker's attempts to authorialize his output. I personally thing categories like "things with two Ps" are bad gridmaking because they're a pretty small facet of the words, and you could never get them unless you had them as one of your final two categories.
(1 year, 5 months ago)

Thank you for the thoughts, I have edited it to remove the states. I had an idea but i poorly executed it.
(1 year, 5 months ago)