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white knight: she alredy apologized jeff??? idiot (14 hours, 10 minutes ago)

Jeff: Not how you spell "steel". (14 hours, 22 minutes ago)

Strawberry: Sorry about the typo guys I messed up and didn’t put my email in so I can change! Again I’m SUPER sorry!! (1 week, 6 days ago)

Web1: Steal? Seriously? (2 weeks ago)

haywood: Steal? We wuz robbed! (2 weeks ago)

Kuba: I enjoyed it. Good groups & shout-out to the God of only connect, Victoria Coren.
Btw, did anyone mention steal was spelled wrong? Yes? No?
Just messing ;) (2 weeks ago)

Jmelb: 10/10 thanks (pretty unforgiving on a typo!) (2 weeks ago)

trench_rat: Steel... (2 weeks ago)

Bee: Steel has been spelled wrongly. (2 weeks ago)

BG: Steel spelt wrong. (2 weeks ago)

Laura: Steal should be steel (2 weeks ago)

Mouse (D.P.): Builders might Steal but they use STEEL in construction. (2 weeks ago)