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Theone: Good clues except for the tenuous mercury ones! (3 weeks, 2 days ago)

Pat: stjohn. Why the requirement to sink to personal abuse? It says far more about the person giving it than the target. Very very sad. (3 weeks, 2 days ago)

lorna: 5*- GENIUNE GENIUS!!! Very hard, sublimely brilliant. some jaw-droppingly good bits (mad Hatter- how long did I chase THAT white rabbit?) Hats off, this was in a league of it's own- so well thought out, so much work- even a revision?!
It will make a lot of folks angry! ;) (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

J: So tricky! thanks (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

stjohn: @Pat - don't bother with this, you would need an IQ level in double figures for this, and you fall about 8 points below that. (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

stjohn: Brilliant! 5* Lorna, J Sooz et al, you will love this, highly recommended. P.S. Yerushalmi are you sure there were ONLY 13 red herrings? (¬‿¬) Great occupational health knowledge of Luton. Well Done (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

Yerushalmi: This is an updated and improved version of the most fiendish and evil grid I ever submitted to the site. By my count there are at least 13 red herrings. Good luck! (3 weeks, 3 days ago)