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QuizMaster: Make your puzzles....relatable (3 weeks, 6 days ago)

evan smith: too far of a connection not challenging simply frustrating (4 weeks ago)

Yerushalmi: Wow. I am humbled and flattered by this praise! Thank you so much. I hope I can continue to provide you with a good challenge :)

Also, I'm sorry I can't really reciprocate... I'm much better at making grids than solving them... (1 month ago)

stjohn: I think I'm going to give up making grids. You know when you sing your favourite song on karaoke and people clap and you think to yourself "hey! I'm quite good at this" and then the next bloke up is Pavarotti - doh! I'll have another drink and believe maybe - just maybe. 5* thank you (1 month ago)

lorna: WUH, OW, WA! Informative, funny, absolute genius, gettable after some research and an extra half- a- go, fiendish beyond fiendish; humblingly brilliant. 5* 5* so very impressive :) (1 month ago)