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nate: a good grid, but a bit too easy on the -tian clue, as only mar and dalma are words. Might feel better as "Egypt, politic, mart, and ruff," though I'll admit it makes the category less impressive.

maybe just replace "vene" and "egyp" with "ti" and "kit?" For Titian and Kittian (a resident of St. Kitts). While Kittian is obscure in inelegant, "kit" could be another red herring for the young animals group. No easy answer though, and the grid works great as is! (5 days, 5 hours ago)

HippyHoppy: Nice varied grid. Lovely! (1 week, 5 days ago)

Fisty: Good gird, chimney Rock quite obscure. But once got them all has to be rock. Tja ks for posting (1 month ago)

freddgar: Yay ! Surprised myself with this one 😁10s all round
Good grid, nice spread of subjects
Thanks for posting
(1 month ago)

jms: enjoyable (1 month ago)

lorna: nice, well rounded grid thanks (1 month ago)