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skinnyliz: Not really a medium I would suggest, but thanks! (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

Aquamama: @paul it is absolutely no trouble. Thanks for commenting!
(3 weeks, 3 days ago)

paul: @Aquamama I could have sworn I did this grid twice today hence my comment. I always leave a comment but I cannot find it. Sorry to trouble you (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

Aquamama: @Paul not that I know of. I did this grid but, it was private. So, I thought I would share it with you all. (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

paul: re-worked earlier grid? (3 weeks, 3 days ago)

Wordie: Thanks watery mummy. Good grid. Took me two goes but got 10 in the end (3 weeks, 4 days ago)

freddgar: Very good grid, found it a bit of a challenge, 10/10 with 2 secs to go.
Some very good red herrings.Thanks for posting (3 weeks, 4 days ago)