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HippyHoppy: (1 week, 5 days ago)

HippyHoppy: Great puzzle,loved it! (2 weeks ago)

Kamz: Very tricky questions, only one connection that I already know. (1 month, 3 weeks ago)

Jack: Very easy (2 months, 1 week ago)

hardmode: (3 months ago)

hardmode: its suuuper hard (3 months ago)

no peace: aaaaaa (3 months ago)

lol: easy (3 months ago)

Gagalady: Polar solvent? Nope. (3 months, 3 weeks ago)

Batch: Reasonable (4 months, 2 weeks ago)

Ms Izzy: Tricky in places. Couldn't get one connection at all - was very cold! (4 months, 2 weeks ago)

paul: polar solvents???? (4 months, 3 weeks ago)

Bowiewhist: The solvent one is a mystery to me! One for the scientists I think...not familiar with the others in that group apart from bear... (5 months, 1 week ago)

CT: (8 months ago)

Legend Gary: Did polar solvents in school chemistry so was ok with that.

Slightly miffed it didn't take "HHGTTG" as an answer, as the full name's pretty long and has many variations even in official media.

But basically a great grid, if the easiest yet that I've found. :-) (8 months, 3 weeks ago)

Y12 Maths: We aren't very cultured and didn't know any of the surnames :( (9 months ago)

Daz: apart from the polar group it was good. Polar solvent??? (9 months ago)

Batch: I was thrown by polar solvent too (9 months, 1 week ago)

nick w: polar coordinates a bit weak (10 months, 1 week ago)


Toby Gaffney: Good start to this site for me. Never heard of a polar solvent. Thank you.
(11 months, 1 week ago)

Vee: Connections for groups two, three and four were deemed incorrect as the purple answer box appeared as a dark red one so the answer was linked to those colour clues. Likewise the next one came up as turquoise etc (1 year, 2 months ago)

Vee: Connections for groups two, three and four were deemed incorrect as the purple answer box appeared as a dark red one so the answer was linked to those colour clues. Likewise the next one came up as turquoise etc (1 year, 2 months ago)

Spengler: I got 10/10 after guessing the last set, but I wouldn't have managed that if I'd been competing in a timed quiz. (1 year, 4 months ago)

Javelin05: Bit dubious about Polar solvents, but a good grid. Thanks (1 year, 7 months ago)

Kimbo: Good grid, enjoyed it, Thank you! (1 year, 8 months ago)

angua: Couldn't get Trillian :( (1 year, 8 months ago)

Coliy: Tough grid (2 years, 2 months ago)

@urbanbaboon: Thought I tried the 1st grid (7/10) a lot more straightforward than life around grid 15000 (2 years, 2 months ago)

jim: never heard of polar solvent! (2 years, 5 months ago)

GRS: Good! (2 years, 6 months ago)

Blaise Pascal: Good variety in this grid (2 years, 7 months ago)

toeswest: Polar solvent? C'mon!
(2 years, 8 months ago)

jj: polar (3 years, 4 months ago)

North Star: nipple tassles (3 years, 4 months ago)

Eve: CHEESE STRINGS !!!!!!!! (3 years, 7 months ago)

Winston Smith: The polar one is a bit too specialised in the knowledge required for my liking, but the rest is all good. I spotted the publishers and the hitchhiker’s guide characters quickly. (3 years, 7 months ago)

Wiz: Eve...?puzzled... (3 years, 8 months ago)

Eve: Cheese strings ???? (3 years, 8 months ago)

Catherine: Never come across polar solvent before but now I've learnt something! (3 years, 10 months ago)

Patch: Possibly the easiest wall I have done on here, but high quality. (4 years, 5 months ago)

Brian: Do my quiz: #5454 (4 years, 10 months ago)

Fifi: Fun! (4 years, 11 months ago)

LaDoLaLiTi: Oh how I love Only Connect, and I always wanted to do a wall. Now I have. Thanks so much, whoever wrote these. (5 years, 2 months ago)

sallycinnamon: A±++++++++ (5 years, 2 months ago)

bennie: solvents that exhibit polar forces on solutes, due to high dipole moment, wide separation of charges, or tight association.
OK??? (5 years, 6 months ago)

Rolly: Polar solvent!!!!!!!!!!! (5 years, 7 months ago)

Big Bird: Polar solvent???? (5 years, 8 months ago)

natalichka: hello! an early one i see!
i liked it.. although i really should read hitchhiker's guide one of these days.
i just finished watching series 1 of 'only connect' after beginning with series 5. so it was a bit of a humorous situation watching the slowness & uneasy ways of some of the teams.. {some so sweet too..} the easily set design & the greek letters!! aaaahh!! nevertheless.. am still enjoying it & missing being in europe with all its history & knowledge.. not that i dislike lovely melbourne. it is indeed lovely!
anyway :: i have a plan for a new grid.. so will try to put it up tomorrow. we are having a long weekend here for horse racing.. {meh.. not a fan!} however i do hope you are having a nice start to your weekend.
kind regards & peace ::
natalichka ^_^ (5 years, 9 months ago)

Jennifer: Polar solvent???? (6 years, 2 months ago)

Tortoise: I don't know how the answer verification works for the connections, but I was vexed to find that "Publishing houses" was not accepted for Penguin, Faber, etc. ()

Dart: Likewise, Hitchhiker's characters for Dent et al. ()

puzzGrid: Many thanks, this has been fixed :) ()