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tig: Run fast and Orange Theory seem like a bit of a reach, but maybe I'm just bitter as I didn't get those ones. (1 month ago)

Clue_Sure: Why do Brits leave comments on quizzes that are designated as "American" and complain about how they don't get the American references? "Skim milk" is American English. "Orange County" is a very famous county in California, home to Disneyland, and the setting of many TV shows ("The OC," "Real Housewives of Orange County," etc). (1 month ago)

GYIYG: I'm not pleased with "run fast", the others in that group seem okay to me. Maybe "slim" instead. Not up on my Spanish so no hope on that one. Okay enough. (1 month ago)

DavidW: "Skim" should be "Skimmed" (1 month ago)

Pamela Douglas: Solved by luck. Never heard of Orange theory, we usually say skimmed milk instead of skim.. Spanish answer v difficult. (1 month ago)

Ginnymay: Sorry, not my favourite grid
Runfast and thinkfast are a bit contrived
Spanish verbs are a bit specialised , for UK person anyway, maybe commoner in US. Milk line, OK.
Orange theory and Orange County (? in US) - never heard of either
But thanks for submitting it, enjoyed trying
(1 month ago)

soozy: Over my pay grade but had fun trying (1 month ago)


Will: Usually Spanish verbs are not used, but this one worked quite nicely. (1 month, 1 week ago)