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CorenM 4PM
Really enjoyable. I think country and maybe reggae can be swapped with jazz, so no unique solution. But a good grid nonetheless
(1 year, 7 months ago)

I think there are several different legal combinations swappable between the Tap and Rap groups, unfortunately.
(1 year, 7 months ago)

Sid Kneebridge
Very easy, but good fun
(1 year, 7 months ago)

Sir Digby Chicken
Well. well, well, well. WELL.
(1 year, 7 months ago)

I got incorrect for 'dance' instead of 'styles of dance'. Surefly if the main word there is dance it should have been allowed.
(1 year, 7 months ago)

Easy & Fun.
(1 year, 6 months ago)