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Jaz: Loved the red herrings and got 'eat' and the camera one. Didnt get the DiCaprio line but thought it was clever. Sadly didn't understand the last one! (6 months ago)

Jess and Hol: 10/10 would puzzle again (6 months ago)

Jodie: Like it (6 months ago)

Jodie: Like it (6 months ago)

Jodie: (6 months ago)

CorenM 4PM: I got Eat as part of that group through luck really. Other than that the grid was excellent (6 months ago)

JonBob: Couple good groups, with reasonable red herrings. Then the "rince" line which is a stretch to begin with, and really let down by "eat." (6 months ago)

???: What are we meant to write for the bottom one??? (6 months ago)