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salmacis: I couldn't work out what '/' was substituting for. (6 months ago)

CorenM 4PM: Clever code to solve the grid, hard enough to work for it, but solvable in 3 mins. Superb! (6 months ago)

lorna: Thanks everyone. Haven't tried garlic dessert- one for Heston, maybe? :)
Glad you enjoyed, Jahn. the gist is that the bracketed sections are written as they would be in the word, the caps, numbers symbols are phonetic/ homophones. Hope that clears up the doubt! (6 months ago)

Jahn: Excellent! Took a while until I got my eye in. Well done.

One tiny niggle: ‘pee’ should be ‘pay’ (6 months ago)

bloss: so fun! (6 months ago)

Goneril: Not hard once I remembered not everyone is rhotic! Was sure there was gar(rrr)lic in someone's dessert. (6 months ago)