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lorna: Also- poor excuse- I tend to use clue length as camouflage otherwise the hidden words stand out a mile. Rule of thumb for my grids is: if there's a lot of reading, look for hidden words first! (6 months ago)

lorna: yeah- it wasn't meant to be a suffix/ prefix type of line, more another cryptic. Maybe that didn't come across. Re length of clues, it depends on how strict you are about time. I feel no shame in having second goes at tough grids, as long as I enjoy them! Some people do care about scores, so I take your point. Ta! (6 months ago)

Darksky: I think Daz means you had Art at the beginning and the end, even though you 'suggested' that wasn't the right approach on another grid :-) I really liked the 'Seat' clue btw.

Also, the groups and ideas are great, but sometimes too much time is required to re-read the longer clues when searching for the rest of a group once the link is known. (6 months ago)

lorna: Hi Daz thanks for commenting- could you explain what you mean? (6 months ago)

Daz: Very tough and not too bad, although the Art one wasnt done correctly. 3/4 (6 months ago)