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Omegaman: Yet again synonyms alone should be sufficient, as should all end 'eet'. The heart group was good but beyond me. (6 months, 3 weeks ago)

Krista: Can you see why Lindybeige-I can`t? (7 months ago)

Lindybeige: It is rare that it happens this way around, but I got a 'correct' from typing 'red' and 'car' into the 'heart' group! This feels generous.
(7 months ago)

ScarletFish: The “ee” rhymes were actually “eet” - and rather too obvious. The groups fell out quite quickly.
However, the “hearts” defeated me! Good one!
(7 months ago)

Zinphad: Fun grid. Sometimes the simplest things can be distracting. (7 months ago)