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Krista: Too easy-done in 30 secs,no cross-over clues. the only line name I got wrong was because they should be written RE,IT,DT,PE (IMHO.) (5 months, 2 weeks ago)

Sophie: Basic (5 months, 4 weeks ago)

Curious cat: Not a single red herring. Groups solves themselves for the most part. (6 months ago)

lorna: this was an easy, not medium. Bit boring I'm afraid, no game play to it. Good variety of subjects though. (6 months ago)

ScarletFish: Agree with previous comment. Groups were easy to separate. But I only identified Christmas...
Crossovers/red herrings always add interest and complexity. (6 months ago)

a: I'd say the groups are too easy to guess without figuring out (i.e. there's only four names, and four two-letter abbreviations), and the school subjects should be capitalised... try to make some overlapping items later, e.g. you could have had "Carol" as a person so there were five possible Christmas items, or had an abbreviation group with an "X" so the particles/rays weren't so obvious, or put in singers with "Oxide" or "Neutrino" who look like they're in the particle group... otherwise good quiz! (6 months ago)