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Didn't accept curtain for some reason but other than that a great wall, was pretty stumped! Good job:-)
(1 year, 2 months ago)

Had the same thing as the other player. Great wall though
(1 year, 2 months ago)

Thought colander was a great inclusion. Minor pedantic remark: nits are eggs, not the lice themselves. Certainly didn't ruin an otherwise very enjoyable grid
(1 year, 2 months ago)

@neilb4god: Didn't know that about nits versus eggs - you learn something everyday! And @Dan: yes I blatantly stole it, but it was a great set and I hope imitation is the best form of flattery.
(1 year, 2 months ago)

Had not heard of colander as a head covering.
Nice grid.
(4 months, 3 weeks ago)

@Richard it is the 'religious' head covering of Pastarafians, a semi-serious group who worship the flying spaghetti monster!
(3 months, 2 weeks ago)

The Pastafarian reference is mocking legitimate religions for whom headwear is part of their beliefs. As such, it could be considered offensive. I would suggest this is amended or removed.
(6 days, 22 hours ago)