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Mister Tom: What hasn't? :-) (4 months ago)

Aetees: Good. Though I feel like capital cities has been done to death, not that that is your fault. (4 months ago)

kate kraken: really good (4 months ago)

Joe: Good (4 months ago)

T: And I don't think a person has ever "held" a diocese. (4 months ago)

T: Good, but would like to see something like "ecclesiastical" applied to the "Catholic officials" quadrant. The original, not entirely accurate, if one considers Coptic polity. Because this is a game for pedants. (4 months ago)

OSSIEP9: Nice one...... (4 months ago)

Joe: Given the Diocese group, I was surprised not to see Mitre as a distractor in the Coping group. Good grid. (4 months ago)