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Jime: I think including 'hair' in that group is legitimate. Reminds me of Cilla and The Beatles (4 months ago)

Balex: Hair? Is 4by4 a scouser? (4 months ago)

Mister Tom: Hair? Um, nope. The rest of your grids, I really like. (4 months ago)

Paratus: You somehow managed to get put Jo and Russell Brand into a comedian group. Epic fail there mate. (4 months ago)

T: "Hair" does not work, outside perhaps your own region. And the "has wings, can fly" connection seemed a little broad. (4 months ago)

squareeyes: I concair with Christinaangel! (4 months ago)

Christinaangel: Almost an excellent grid, but finally a poor one. Why? Hair !!! Ruined the whole thing. Not sure what your accent is. Also the blue group was a bit so so. The letters homophone dummy, though, was great. Shame. (4 months ago)