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Sid Kneebridge
Great work, but a bit too specific with one group.
(2 years, 4 months ago)

Only Me
Loved it.
(2 years, 4 months ago)

Vest Enpance
The New Edition etc. line brought a tear to my eye. Good grid for the middle agers
(2 years, 4 months ago)

Mister Tom
Madness didn't work as a red herring, not being an adjective. The sl8me group didn't overlap enough with the rest of the grid. The men at work was too specific and the rest straightforward. Apart from that, good fun ;-)
(2 years, 4 months ago)

(2 years, 4 months ago)

Bands one was too specific, all 80s bands. Didn't accept other words for mental either.
(2 years, 1 month ago)