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Anon: Good idea but plenty of crossovers possible meaning no unique solution. (3 months, 1 week ago)

BinDipper: The wall “rules” as set by the site are that each clue should begin with a capital letter. It sometimes causes problems but I think it’s a good rule as it keeps entries consistent. I think you’re correct about the font though: Al and AI look identical despite being made differently. Not sure there is an etiquette except, “No matter how good the grid is, it shall never leave Page 1 scoring 5 stars.” (1 year, 4 months ago)

srb445: This is my first grid - on reflection it would have been better to use lower case for many of the clues. Particularly given the font. Is it community etiquette to re-publish a grid? (1 year, 4 months ago)