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Browny5000: 1 star for poor answer variances (4 months ago)

Stationory: Fwiw, stationery != stationary (5 months ago)

chicken nugget: it didn't accept stationary (5 months ago)

Pipbit: ditto about 'writing'. (9 months ago)

A: Too easy. Also, please accept 'writing implements'. 'Write with' is a shite category description and I think you know that. (10 months, 2 weeks ago)

Rob: Very easy. But like Emski, I also put writing implements, which was rejected! (1 year ago)

francesco: (1 year ago)

Don: Agree with those below. Well put together, though very easy to solve.
(1 year ago)

Sid Kneebridge: Very easy, but well constructed. I concur with Emski regarding solutions. (1 year ago)

Emski: Easy to spot links. Not been open enough with word choices to identify for example I put writing implement. Incorrect because author put write with. I wrote cities they had city (1 year ago)