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wing commander: splendid !!!!!!! (9 years ago)

strangely: great grid. liked... (9 years ago)

Qarnaby: naughty but nice - I could see what the links were the red herrings stopped me from getting them all. Another one pls. (9 years ago)

da88er: Barnaby returns! We would all love to do one of your grids, what name are they under? (9 years ago)

Barnaby: A couple of great, original and quality groups and a couple of dreadful, rehashed and narrow ones.

I have about 5 episodes of OC to catch up on, so I hope those that I called "original and quality" don't pop up there -- but that's just how good I think those were. (9 years ago)

sooz212: Shows my age - those BP presenters were after my time, other than Simon Groom! (9 years, 1 month ago)