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ahay @ #33252: Clever! (3 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Alien DNA @ #40318: lk i, vn thgh hv n d wht th rsh cntgnt s. (6 hours, 29 minutes ago)

Ade @ #40319: Three doesn’t just sound like a number, it is a number! (9 hours, 25 minutes ago)

Ade @ #40316: Quite a bit of niche knowledge here. Sadly not my niche. Fun though. Thanks (9 hours, 31 minutes ago)

Ade @ #40339: Good grid. Thanks (9 hours, 41 minutes ago)

Malcolm @ #1183: there is a better, more specific answer to the johns group which is they all have airports named after them. (10 hours, 28 minutes ago)

Richard @ #40364: Nice grid. The envy set was clever (10 hours, 47 minutes ago)

Richard @ #40370: Nice grid. The Cicero set got me (10 hours, 52 minutes ago)

HippyHoppy @ #40378: Good fun! Ty (11 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Juul @ #40312: me too! (11 hours, 30 minutes ago)

Bns Qstn @ #40318: nthr bsltly fbls rnd frm th Qz Grndmstr nthny Clrk. Cn nt wt t s wht h brngs frth nxt wk. Thr chrs for nthny : Hp Hp Hry! Hp Hp Hry! Hp Hp Hry! (fllwed by ppls). (16 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Jmelb[*] @ #40373: Liked this ty (17 hours, 8 minutes ago)

SonJonath @ #40306: This is not a puzzle (17 hours, 58 minutes ago)

--- @ #30886: A 'batter' is not a position in cricket; that would be a 'batsman' (19 hours ago)

JasonR @ #186: Fun but fairly easy! (19 hours, 53 minutes ago)

Jmelb[*] @ #40371: Enjoyable ty (20 hours, 37 minutes ago)

Fisty @ #40338: It's bullit (20 hours, 49 minutes ago)

Puzzgrid subreddit @ #40168: We are sorry for the previous comment, you are great and thank you very much for your grids! (21 hours, 6 minutes ago)

Richard @ #40369: The five set was hard (21 hours, 8 minutes ago)

Puzzgrid subreddit @ #40091: Lil' Quill, please bring it together, the subreddit and your fans are disappointed. (21 hours, 11 minutes ago)

Juul @ #40326: Nice ty (21 hours, 12 minutes ago)

Juul @ #40348: Always good ty (21 hours, 16 minutes ago)

Juul @ #40367: Enjoyable (22 hours, 7 minutes ago)

Chris Brady @ #40351: Rubber? Really? (22 hours, 44 minutes ago)

Bishop Trelawney @ #40344: Proper Job! Good balance of Redruth herrings and pilchard. (1 day, 1 hour ago)

Matt @ #40344: Really struggling to understand the "synonyms of mound" category and Shonda Rhimes category seems a bit too obscure for people to know. I like the others though and there is a good balance of red herrings. (1 day, 1 hour ago)

NorrinR @ #39040: Really don't like the Asteroids is Black and White answer. (1 day, 1 hour ago)

HippyHoppy @ #40339: Nice one. Ty (1 day, 1 hour ago)

HippyHoppy @ #40344: Good grid, but I didn't understand the "speaker group". (1 day, 1 hour ago)

Jimmi. @ #40348: As a 15 year old i'm happy i got these! (1 day, 2 hours ago)

MC @ #35663: An excellent grid. Good themes, overlaps and red herrings. Well thought out and a pleasure to solve. (1 day, 2 hours ago)

Mr Picky @ #40208: Thanks for fixing 'trap'. (1 day, 2 hours ago)

MC @ #4165: A good grid overall with some nice themes for the sets, but relying on knowing four very specific details from one particular TV show that many solvers may well never have watched doesn't seem to me to fall within 'general knowledge'. (1 day, 2 hours ago)

Mr Picky @ #40326: Don't believe the 'pathetic grid' comment. Wendy Whaleyums didn't like it, fine but I did. The grid has 4 distinct and different groups. Yes, all the words are cities and that's what's good about it. Sorry PetePants (great name) for that unhelpful and negative comment. (1 day, 3 hours ago)

Mr Picky @ #40333: Your use of 'preceded' is not right but it's obvious what you mean. (1 day, 3 hours ago)

Mr Picky @ #40333: One is not all that famous. Although well done for picking one from the 'less obvious' options. (1 day, 3 hours ago)

clockwork @ #40337: Your answers are not good enough No 3 also misspelt No1 (1 day, 4 hours ago)

Wendy Whaleyums @ #40326: Pathetic grid. I don’t mean to be aggy but it’s really embarrassing that you made this. Not too late to delete it. (1 day, 5 hours ago)

JonBob @ #40315: Phantom poker group slowed me down for a while. Nice. (1 day, 6 hours ago)

Alien DNA @ #40283: @ Zoe - try an image search. There are both frogs and toads (1 day, 6 hours ago)

Zoe Walder @ #40283: I'm not to sure about "bufo frog". I can't find any record in Google... (1 day, 7 hours ago)

ZBJ @ #40312: Nice - i like the wordy ones (1 day, 7 hours ago)

TJ @ #40319: I would say the Harry Potter category is more closely aligned with "Last Words" rather than "second words" (1 day, 7 hours ago)

VegasUK @ #40168: 7 points, nice grid with some good crossovers (1 day, 8 hours ago)

VegasUK @ #40260: Nice grid, couldn't get the reason for the veg group but did get the others (1 day, 8 hours ago)

Tom @ #38169: Agree with Frog but missed Black Sabbath (1 day, 9 hours ago)

Clue_Sure @ #40012: Very nice, liked the "avers" anagram red herring :) (1 day, 13 hours ago)

Juul @ #40311: *seems faulty? have reposted (1 day, 14 hours ago)

macabaret @ #40292: This has to be one of the hardest grids I played in a long time even though the answers are ridiculously easy. :D I am not sure if I should love or hate it, but it's very well done. (1 day, 20 hours ago)

dave @ #39679: idiot (1 day, 21 hours ago)

dave @ #39679: Pudding means dessert (1 day, 21 hours ago)

Nathaniel @ #40076: @SonJonath thanks for the comments, this was my first puzzle so I wasn’t quite sure how to go about filling in the answering key words. Your input was helpful for going forward (1 day, 21 hours ago)

MC @ #40262: Very well thought out with neat overlaps and deliberate confusions! Very clever. And I never knew AH was from Belgium! (1 day, 21 hours ago)

MC @ #33491: I think one 'contains other words' set per grid is fine but not more than one. Makes solving v difficult but not in a good way. (1 day, 21 hours ago)

MC @ #12552: I think they are homophones (sound alike) not homonym (same spelling). A very good grid. 'One eye' is a great theme for a set! Some great overlaps too. (1 day, 21 hours ago)

MC @ #16584: Some nice theme ideas but a tough challenge. I've never heard of 'pot' with that meaning. Never heard of a 'caesar' hair cut. (1 day, 22 hours ago)

MC @ #1396: A good grid! A nice range of themes with good overlaps and red herrings. (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Daftquiz @ #40269: Really enjoyed that. Nice one (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Alien DNA @ #40283: *For animal lovers - and expecting screams of outrage! (1 day, 22 hours ago)

jollycorpse @ #40258: @ Rob – thanks for picking that up. It really should have been ‘tycoon’ anyway, I suspect ‘tsunami’ subliminally distracted me. Corrected now. (1 day, 22 hours ago)

Bob S @ #40269: Top gridding! (1 day, 23 hours ago)

HippyHoppy @ #40244: Nice grid. (And educational. I had to google to find out that although Franz Kafka was Czech he was a German speaker and wrote "The Trial" in German. Thanks.) (2 days, 2 hours ago)

Alien DNA @ #40144: Like it, especially Das! Wall a bit dodgy. (2 days, 2 hours ago)

SF7 @ #40215: A bit misleading as there is no country called Congo. There is the DRC and the Republic of the Congo. But the Congo is merely a river (2 days, 2 hours ago)

Alessandro @ #40144: Nice grid, but tough in places. I'd say that one of the football teams needs the word united after it though to be fair (2 days, 2 hours ago)

Rob @ #40168: Fun grid! Check spelling of friends' character - its confusing (2 days, 2 hours ago)

MC @ #30437: One set is very culturally determined. Can't be guessed unless you're from a particular country and follow a particular sport. Otherwise, good. (2 days, 2 hours ago)

Rob @ #40175: Nice grid! (2 days, 2 hours ago)

Rob @ #40258: Tough grid. By the way, typhoon is not of Japanese origin. (2 days, 2 hours ago)

MC @ #40042: Very good. Nice construction. (2 days, 3 hours ago)

MC @ #40251: At least one set called for highly specialised info that I don't think falls within 'general knowldge'. But a nice range of themes. (2 days, 3 hours ago)

MC @ #40237: A nice grid. A good range of ideas and themes. (2 days, 3 hours ago)

Alien DNA @ #40262: Dang. I was going to do one on famous Bs. Haven't watched BBT so 2 lines were easy and 2 impossible. (2 days, 3 hours ago)

Danimal @ #40254: Trans is a slight fudge but apart from that, great grid (2 days, 3 hours ago)

VCM @ #40258: Didn't get the CVD but enjoyed it (2 days, 3 hours ago)

MC @ #40259: 'Funny words' is not a theme. The set of titles is easy to guess even if you know nothing about them because they're the only clues in quotes. Two of the sets are based on names, which doesn't make for a good grid because you just either know the names and their connection or you don't. There's no idea or concept or theme to deduce. (2 days, 3 hours ago)

MC @ #40247: I think needing to know the Latin names for something AND there being letters removed is a bit too abstruse, even for Puzz Grid. Either one of those devices on their own would be OK, but both together? Not really fair to the solver. (2 days, 4 hours ago)

TR6 @ #40245: Thankyou for the "tedious" laugh! (2 days, 4 hours ago)

MC @ #40243: Not good. You don't mean 'preceded' by book, you mean 'followed by'. Three of the sets are just people's names, which doesn't make for a good grid. You either know who they are or you don't. It's better when you're trying to spot themes or conceptual connections, not just knowing someone's name. (2 days, 4 hours ago)

TR6 @ #40262: Hello Freddgar, I was feeling generous! :-) (2 days, 4 hours ago)

daftquiz @ #40245: Yeah, probably fair enough. I mean The Beatles and The Who never really got a lot of exposure tbh (2 days, 4 hours ago)

TR6 @ #40258: I went for the "easier" of the two versions and completed the wall (2 days, 4 hours ago)

Freddgar @ #40262: I put Dutch for the Belgian line, got marked correct ! (2 days, 4 hours ago)

daftquiz @ #40254: Top notch, very enjoyable (2 days, 4 hours ago)

MC @ #40245: Not a good grid. The sets require solver to know a lot of highly specific details that can't possibly be regarded as 'general knowledge' . (2 days, 4 hours ago)

jollycorpse @ #40258: Accidentally refreshed the webpage and submitted this grid twice. Apologies. (2 days, 4 hours ago)

TR6 @ #40215: Nice (2 days, 5 hours ago)

TR6 @ #40202: Beautiful 5* ty (2 days, 5 hours ago)

TR6 @ #40231: LOL J, JB not the easy one, like Alien DNA said "nice to see this sort of thing again" :-] (2 days, 5 hours ago)

Mr Picky @ #40208: 'Trap' should be 'A trap'. (2 days, 5 hours ago)

Gary Parker @ #40251: Apollo not roman god guy (2 days, 5 hours ago)

Alien DNA @ #40247: Really liked that, but the roman line was a bit too cheeky for 5* (2 days, 6 hours ago)

Matty Mungbean @ #40249: Didnt except spots or stripes (2 days, 6 hours ago)

heidi allen @ #39879: this was easy to group the words but difficult when had to do the meanings (2 days, 6 hours ago)

Mr Picky @ #40204: The method is nice but almost obvious. (2 days, 6 hours ago)

Rob @ #30982: Nice grid! Hard at the start but it all came together (2 days, 7 hours ago)

Jmelb[*] @ #40247: Nice (2 days, 8 hours ago)

Alien DNA @ #40241: I quite liked this. I only scored 2 pts, but thought of some of the other connections without being able to complete lines. A couple of minor gripes: it would have been better if the Springboks line were either all plural or all singular.; the TC line could easily have other answers eg just big c. (2 days, 8 hours ago)

Jmelb[*] @ #40231: Thought JB might have been the easy one! (2 days, 8 hours ago)

Alien DNA @ #40231: Nice to see this sort of thing again, but I don't know as much as I though I knew. KH of course, and 2 of the other connections but could only find 3 for those. JB passed me by completely. (2 days, 9 hours ago)

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