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NL YCN N CT: According to your solutions, in the Chocolate factory group you've included "Gloop" in the grid instead of "Charlie". For the anagrams, you could perhaps use ferulic (as in acid) or flueric (as in study of fluidics) as potentially less obvious anagrams for lucifer (as per drop tables comments)... can't think of an anagram for beelzebub though! There is always "the hopeless imp" for mephistopheles as an alternative satan anagram if you like ;) (1 year ago)

Midnight: Augustus AND Gloop? Not bad otherwise. I wish you'd used a small "l" for "ill" though, as I got stuck on trying to work out what "Took 3" might mean. (1 year ago)

; drop table[puzzles];: Riceful does also rather scream anagram, indeed it's lame as... (1 year ago)

SpaggBol: Nope.....! more likely drowning in a lake of chocolate!
(1 year ago)

Simon K: No golden ticket for you! (1 year ago)

SpaggBol: ....aaaand I messsed it up....sorry folks! (1 year ago)

SpaggBol: ..I strangely enjoyed this one. Probably because i'm a bit Evil... (1 year ago)