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nickelhatton: Should accept portmanteau for the green group
Should accept clothing with animals names for purple group (2 years ago)

Midnight: Three very similar links.
(2 years ago)

scoobydont: Thanks Keith - hadn't come across portmanteau before. tbh it was just fun set of words that made me smile and it was New Years morning. (2 years ago)

Wordie: Goodone (2 years ago)

Keith: I thought Portmanteau words for Askhole etc (2 years ago)

dora t: cheers for that one- good fun and solvable (2 years ago)

Winston Smith: I thought the idea was quite fun. It was a bit confusing at first, but I soon spotted some patterns. I have a couple of minor issues:
The row with pets in it are also all things that can be worn.
The bored panda thing is rather obscure. I managed to link the words, but not spot the thing that actually linked them.
I suppose, if it was all really straight forward, it wouldn’t be any fun. Thanks for what I imagine was a rather tricky grid to make. Despite my complaints, I did enjoy it. (2 years ago)

E.L.Wisty: Funtastic on such a drismal day- thanks. (2 years ago)

Blues: Bored Panda... Who would have thought. Nice one Scoobydont. (2 years ago)

scoobydont: Happy New Year gridders one n'all ..... a fun easy one to start the year off - hope it made you smile :-) (2 years ago)