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revolver777: My first wall, so I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks! :) (2 years ago)

Winston Smith: The Christmas No. 1s might be a bit trickier at another time of year, and I believe that chicken precedes the words, rather than succeeds. The silent letter one was good but the Mr. Benn one was rather obscure; I’ve never heard of it. Anyway, there’s a chance that I’ve been living under a rock and that everyone else has heard of it. (2 years ago)

toast: The salad line apart this was a pleasant puzzling three minutes and nicely varied. (2 years ago)

SMcK: One of my favourite grids - and I've played a few!! (2 years ago)

scoobydont: Tough and varied - only 3/10 for me :-( (2 years ago)