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Wiz: I always listen to pig breeders although i am a vegetarian. (2 years ago)

Jeb: Huh? I'm not convinced all is as it seems here. (2 years ago)

SpaggBol: Nice. Tough but nice! (2 years ago)

Jules: Good gridding.
For anyone who has never tried Highland Swiss - I can recommend it. A lovely smoky hard cheese. (2 years ago)

dora t: intereste din your source material for pig breeds- am a pig breeder by profession and have never heard of any of them- is this a joke grid- if so 5/5 (2 years ago)

Davros: Decent effort. Had me puzzled. (2 years ago)

Jo Guest: Really tough but well put together grid.
I got the cheeses, but that was about it. (2 years ago)