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ogbert: OGBERT (1 year ago)

Janine: Agree with Equinox01 all straightforward except towns - far too obscure! (1 year ago)

Equinox01: Didn't get the towns group, but the rest were straightforward. (1 year ago)

Mogster: Liked it. (1 year ago)

Wiz: Why?that would be brilliant.... (1 year ago)

Reds: Yeah! Wonder if anyone famous comes from Fame? (1 year ago)

Blues: Nice grid, I wonder if they have police in Disco or Bouncers? (1 year ago)

Wiz: Same here!but the towns were fun too! (1 year ago)

Dont Harmabee: Liked it apart from the towns which was way too obscure (1 year ago)

HarambeMcHarambeFace: Cuz he is life.
Harambe is love
Harambe is life (1 year ago)

Juno: Why are we talking about Harambe? (1 year ago)

HARAMBE IS...: Harambe got shot with a bullet. Donald Trump was described as a gorilla. The wrong "Gorilla" got shot. (1 year ago)

HarambeMcHarambeFace: HARAMBE is NOT DEAD (1 year ago)

Bullens: Didn't like this. LOVED it (1 year ago)

Moshiri: Pretty cool. Pretty Hard (1 year ago)

Cubik: Totally AWESOME!!!! (1 year ago)