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CoatiCapuch: I think 'tangent' was much too difficult, and I'm unable to find a connection to 'radius' from the given tile. Anyone enlighten me? (2 years ago)

Wiz: Teasing again,toast? (2 years ago)

toast: Wiz re are Blues and myself teas ( watch your spell check by the way). As toast I knock about with a lot of teas and I reckon if Blues was one it would contain a large slug of whisky. (2 years ago)

Bowie: Fooled by the oceans but squeezed it out in the end. (2 years ago)

Wiz: Blues and toast are teases? (2 years ago)

toast: Yes Mixu P. We didn't waste any of the Christmas goose in our day. Better than all that scratching with flints the traditionalists insisted on. (2 years ago)

Mixu P: Good grid.
Didn't get the tricky circle-related group.
Blues - quills? really? (2 years ago)

Blues: School... Ahhh those were the days!
Free milk, quills, assembly, football with tin cans, slide rules, rugby wearing someone else's boots, the cane, protractors, art, Summer hols and detention... Thanks (2 years ago)

toast: Can't understand why you wouldn't accept "stuff I learned at school but then forgot" for the hidden words. You surely don't doubt it. That knocked three off my score so now we are three all. Lovely grid. May St Martin brighten your autumn. (2 years ago)