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Gms: I like (1 year ago)

Bowie: Yes Blues... Cymru am byth. (1 year ago)

Joan and Terry: Clever Blues but do we need to remember those games?!?
Enjoyed guessing what the four rows were. (1 year ago)

Blues: All very topical Mogster thank you. (1 year ago)

Mogster: Love the descriptions. Good fun Blues. (1 year ago)

toast: Challenging. And provocative though it is it won't stop me cheering Bale and the boyos ( though I am a part Welsh rarebit sort of toast thinking of claiming my EU friendly Irish passport - typically English really). We can take the beatings even if we can't finish the grids. Peace be with you Blues. (1 year ago)

Francois: Tres Bien. (1 year ago)