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Dave Dave: I would recommend "verb" as a suitable answer to the "_ing" set or something similar.
Good grid though :) (2 years ago)

Ewan: Think!!! Stop pretending that you are 10 years old. (2 years ago)

Think!!!: Ewan - Don't be picky (2 years ago)

Wiz: But ok for a ten year old? (2 years ago)

Ewan: 'Fenceing' isn't a word (2 years ago)

Besty: Poor (2 years ago)

alex: Weak especially ing clue. (2 years ago)

Tricky: When are you going to start being honest. What is happening to this site? No red herrings, ridiculous clues (2 years ago)

Blues: Lovely grid, da iawn ( a bit of Welsh for you.) (2 years ago)