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RowG: Gave incorrect to my correct answers! (2 years ago)

Flutterby: Agree with the comments about answers. I entered swimming, bands with numbers, wave and George. All were deemed incorrect (2 years ago)

bert: decent effort but answers need to be more flexible 7/10 (2 years ago)

Think!!!: Sorry.
: (
(2 years ago)

Celia Denten: Me and Suzy thought the answers did not match very well. I typed waves it was incorrect... (2 years ago)

have a word!: sort your answers bell! (2 years ago)

Besty: Good, easy and fun grid; bit disappointed that correct answers not accepted. I rate it as 7 (2 years ago)

Dangermouse: I incorrect for all of them. "Swimming", "Bands missing numbers", "George", "Wave". (2 years ago)

Doctor J: Good grid, but need a bit of work on the terms you used for links. I got incorrect for "All called George", "Methods of Swimming" and "number in band title"
(2 years ago)

Think!!!: Hope you enjoy it. Rate it out of 10. DON'T BE MEAN. If there's anything wrong tell me nicely. (2 years ago)