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Zoe From Debenhams: I think you need to make the answers work you know (2 years ago)

have a word: Seriously have a word bell! (2 years ago)

Jolly: NIce grid but why is everyone obsessed with Pixar Movies? (2 years ago)

Jeanlin: Fairly easy but should have accepted Signs of the Zodiac (2 years ago)

RowG: Star signs as well! (2 years ago)

Thunk: Ok so difficulty wise its not going to score very well, if i was to give any kind of advice going forward it would be to insert a few red herrings, rather than start with a group of 4 look for a group of 5 and work from there. (2 years ago)

Blues: The reason you supply for the connections should try and cover all bases. eg "Star sign" was incorrect as was palindrome. Enjoyed it though. 7 (2 years ago)

Pufferfish: At least 8...nice grid! (2 years ago)

Think!!!: Hope you enjoy it. Rate it out of 10. DON'T BE MEAN. If there's anything wrong tell me nicely. (2 years ago)