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Dave Dave: Erm...what is a life collie??? (2 years ago)

Badger: You are joking Think!!! ? (2 years ago)

Zoe From Debenhams: It was a good quiz! (2 years ago)

Think!!!: Line, Control, Collie, Guard = could it be Life........
Lifeline, Life control, life collie, lifeguard. (2 years ago)

Jank: Same as Mr Tom apart from 'beginner' and 'but no more than that'. (2 years ago)

Hampton Quimbles: Agree, an amuse-bouche of a grid, but still tasty. (2 years ago)

Mister Tom: Nice beginner puzzle, but no more than that (2 years ago)

stevemuseum: Good grid. Not too difficult. (2 years ago)