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Ali: I don't think they're technically homophones but the grid was easily solvable. I enjoyed it! (2 years ago)

Pufferfish: TBF I don't think so. (2 years ago)

MontyDon: TBF - "Le Mans" *is* a homphone of "lemon" (2 years ago)

pale fisher: Enough with these greegrocer's apostrophes! (2 years ago)

Geoff: I'm appalled by the blatant homophonia in these comments (2 years ago)

Dante: Le Mans is not a homophone of Lemon, nor is Jewel of Joule. (2 years ago)

Mister Tom: I've never seen a grid cornea... (2 years ago)

Besty: Very Good. I solved it with a second to spare, which is how it should be. (2 years ago)

Phenom_Ooh: For Jeb......FBNG (2 years ago)