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Patch: Should accept "Creams". I thought "separate" was a good way to describe discrete things, but this wasn't accepted either. Not sure there is enough to distinguish the two very similar categories. Numbers way too easy! Creams quite good. (2 years ago)

darto: bit easy hmmmmm ! (2 years ago)

RowG: didn't accept cream and terms used for the single group is subjective (2 years ago)

newpuzzler: Rejects correct answers - not enough options for different expressions of the same thing built in e.g. accepts Cream but not cream (2 years ago)

Pollygon: That's true,but I did enjoy it. (2 years ago)

Ali: I think the 'Single' group and the 'Singular' group are way too similar. There are many crossovers between the two. (2 years ago)

Han Solo: Numbers was a particularly challenging group. (2 years ago)