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David: What happened in this review section? (8 months, 1 week ago)

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Sanjay: Review by John R. Swerda for Rating: Packaged with four left legs (requires two left, two right)One briquette grate is slleamr than the other and falls to bottom as a result.Had to drill / elongate hole to install grate support bracketPaint on handles started to run when I handled them with wet hands. I tried to rinse off the remaining paint or ink under running water so that it will not continue to bleed off. What paint do you know of that rinses off under plain water?Right cast iron grate cracked when it came in contact with heat. The design and construction of this product shows clear disregard for the consumer and is absolutely unacceptable at any price. I have to question at this point weather or not the paint used on the grill and grates is toxic or lead based. I've come across my share of junk but this is really bad! (6 years, 11 months ago)

IR: Very good. Good ideas, well composed, not too many overlaps, and not TOO obscure. I doubt many people have heard of 'Dom' in this context, but it can be arrived through context and elimination. (8 years ago)