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darto: I hadn't realised it was all interchangeable till now- I gave you 4 stars, but now I know your crime im taking 3 away and you need to spend 3 hours on the naughty step. does defeat the object if theres more than one solution to be fair (3 years ago)

bigjobs: Calm down dear. (3 years ago)

Clive: The grids are meant to have one unique solution despite the red herrings. Interchangeable options defeat the point. I don't get how anyone doesn't get that. (3 years ago)

Shippers50: Loved this. Don't get the point of concerns, yes you could swap but so what? Is Kennedy interchangeable with Reagan? (3 years ago)

Clive: Very poor. Malcolm X is interchangeable with both Lincoln and Gandhi and Kennedy is interchangeable with Reagan. (3 years ago)

Boss man: Tricky. Lots of red herrings but like the this one! (3 years ago)

onlyconnectaddict: Very clever. Love the way they could cross over (3 years ago)

Mister Tom: Doesn't work I'm afraid, because you could swap Malcolm X and Lincoln. 1 star (3 years ago)