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bonehead: cricket captains not acceptable duh. If you have names of writers hidden, they ought to be further limited eg all poets or all playwrights or something (1 year, 11 months ago)

jimbo47: Sorry new to this. Snowflake is C P Snow others Edward Lear Wilfred Owen and Edgar Allen Poe (2 years, 12 months ago)

Blythe: Nasty one Jimbo... I got the groups, but not the last reason... (2 years, 12 months ago)

darto: some of this really clever. agree with lieven re bit more detail in the connections (2 years, 12 months ago)

Lieven: Who's the writer in Snowflake? Might be an idea to reveal the concealed words in the answers. (2 years, 12 months ago)