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Hampton Quimbles: Utterly rare definitions and the recognition is pants. Hampton says no. (3 years ago)

V Mitchell: Reasonable but when I type "date" in the dog link it showed as correct! (3 years ago)

jeff: The definitions are Rubbish.
And its not a blind dog it's a Guide dog for the blind. (3 years ago)

Gms: Guide dog? Wouldn't accept money for the one line, otherwise good stuff (3 years ago)

Tealdeer: Wouldn't accept 'coins'? And yes, 'blind dog' is weird. (3 years ago)

toast: I give money to Blind Dogs for the Guides. Is Darto implying I am being conned? Otherwise a good grid. (3 years ago)

darto: ok ish. what's a blind dog a dog that cant see ?? the other one you just posted is much better (3 years ago)