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toast: I liked this. Anagrams are usually too hard in the time allowed and I would have liked red herrings. On the plus side it needed only general knowledge and in part was imaginative so up to standard. (3 years ago)

Ian: Great one but medium rather than hard. I only missed out on the anagrams. (3 years ago)

darto: nice (3 years ago)

ron: fackin sick like i don gon maxed it like (3 years ago)

Primrose: Liked it. Testing but fair. (3 years ago)

Robert M: Are you someone I might know, Puzzle Paws? It's just that I've been discussing it somewhere and wondered :) (3 years ago)

Puzzle Paws: I got the TV channels in 30 seconds, then the mail category. I should have got the other two though. (3 years ago)

Robert M: What have the TV channels done to you? (3 years ago)

micky baron: damn those tv channels ! (3 years ago)