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Barbara: loved this puzzle but my answers came out as incorrect despite being right. (3 years ago)

darto: poor- (3 years ago)

toast: Come on gridders, a slip with the capitals is a bit of a giveaway but the answer recognition is often a difficult point especially for new setters as ramuz has pointed out. Anyway including an anagram of my monicker is a nicet ouch. This grid is fine, stop complaining. (3 years ago)

erastes: agree with nigel - I put "winnie the pooh" "wind in the willows" "fur" and got incorrect! I bet when i click on the deer, that will say incorrect, too. (3 years ago)

Narrow Neck: No need to be rude Nigel. It was a bit easy and they needed to figure out how to accept the answers better but a bit of fun nevertheless, thanks (3 years ago)

Nigelh: Utter Tosh!!
Winnie the Pooh - Incorrect!
Wind in the Willows - incorrect!
Fur - Incorrect!
Mustelidae - Incorrect!

As dumb as a box of rocks.
(3 years ago)

Primrose: Good one. But should have been checked and more crossovers (3 years ago)

Rob: Good fun but need to sort the category acceptance words! (3 years ago)

Puzzle Paws: Could do with a bit of brushing up. The reason I got the fur category was because they were the only ones not to start with a capital letter... I got all of the things incorrect due to the narrow margins of what is an acceptable correct answer... (3 years ago)

Anonymous II: A truly terrible grid!! Far too easy but when you type in the exact answers as given by the setter they are counted as incorrect. In addition to this there is an "e" at the end of ermine!!! Numpty!!!!! (3 years ago)