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Kenny Lynch: Good grid - my only gripe is with "Wheels" - does not fit in with the other answers for this link... (3 years ago)

phdierdre: I agree. Seen a lot of shite recently, but this one is as it should be Well done. (3 years ago)

squamous: Aw, thank you! (3 years ago)

4 x 4: Thought this was a great grid. Well thought out with plenty of red herrings. Best one in a long while.
Saw three connections (missed hickory one), but still couldn't solve it in the time.
More like this please (3 years ago)

Athenians Jon: This is superb!

I was getting fed up with constant word grids but this one is just perfect. Excellent work. (3 years ago)

Annie: Good fun--Tom Hanks! (3 years ago)