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Screwball: Yes just what we need! (3 years ago)

Sylvie: This fall will be the last I see through the eyes of a twetny-something. Come December I am suppose to transcend into a mature male responsible, caring, domesticated, thirty. This seems like an unnecessary page to have to turn, and I ask If 30 is the new 20 then do I not have 10 more years of rash decision making and blatant irresponsibility? the mutual reason for both being snowboarding and the effort put forth to do so without ever paying.Since this revision is seemingly mandatory, perhaps even court ordered, I gueeess I can make a future with this girl who for whatever reason consistently loves me for me I will never understand this, but here we are I look upon my Autumn return to Red Deer as a legitament beginning to something where the end is not the proverbial Sunday evening of a three day winter weekend. Fantastic.So, as I struggle up the steps of life (looking across at the escalator of life, DAMMIT! ), I do it with a smile induced by times I can't fully remember with friends I will never forget. Thanks for the good times Backside Tours, but I've found someone else don't worry we'll always be friends. (3 years ago)

ramuz93: a good grid. but it's too early in the morning for me to get the butter, dragon, horse, house link. what's that alec? (3 years, 9 months ago)